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How Far Do Copyright Laws Go?

I’m sure by now most everyone has heard that Mike Tyson’s tattoo artist has sued Warner Bros over the use of a custom tattoo he created for Mike. This is something I’ve been thinking about lately. Was the artist just in suing or is he just a money grubbing whore?

I believe this is a tricky question but in my opinion I believe he should have at least been asked before the design was used. Here’s why I think that. Mike Tyson’s artist took the time to design him a custom tattoo. Mike Tyson paid for the tattoo and because of this he owns the tattoo on his face. Not the design though. The design was not the art that was purchased, so the design is not Mike’s to do what he will with. Of course he may be photographed and make money off the said photos but that is different from copying the design off of his face and selling it to someone else. Now, I understand he did not sell the design so Warner Bros but I do believe Warner Bros should have gained permission from the artist to copy the design onto someone else because they are making money off of the situation.  I believe an artist has the right to know what is happening to his/her work.

I came across  an article on this that I found interesting. Take a peek if you’d like.


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