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Little Boy Works to Save the Bees

To me, one of the most fascinating creatures on this earth is the honey bee. Without this amazing insect, plants would have to figure out new ways of spreading their seeds and our food supply would most certainly dwindle.  If we lost honey bees we would lose some our best medicine. Did you know eating a spoon full of local honey everyday for the first few days of spring can help build immunity to allergies? Honey also carries anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties and has been used to cure skin ailments for ages. It has shown it’s usefulness in aiding the cure of things as simple as eczema and as complex as flesh eating bacterias.  Maybe you should grab a soon and thank our little black and yellow friends the next time you see them.

As I was perusing the internet today I found this short video of a boy who also believes in the importance of bees. Here’s the link to his video. I hope you enjoy it



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