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Tattoo Barbie

Alright, so here’s the deal. Mattel recently released this new Barbie model called “Tokidoki” or some shit like that. It seems to have a lot of people in a stink.  Although Mattel stated that the Tokidoki Barbie is a collector piece aimed at adults which runs about $50, people are still all pissy about it. Go figure people gettin’ all riled up over some un-important shit that they don’t even have to buy their kids!

People have been saying that tattoos should not be marketed to small girls and that this Barbie encourages little girls to drink and smoke. Really? Uh, ok… I don’t see the link between tattoos, alcoholism, and chain smoking but whatever. I don’t believe tattoos should be marketed to little girls but I have to wonder if the person who made that comment sees the possible link between plastic surgery for tit implants, eating disorders like anorexia and Barbie.

Personally, I think parents need to take responsibility and teach their little girls that they don’t have to look like Barbie.  They don’t have to be a size zero. They don’t need to have D cups breasts. They don’t need to have blue eyes and bleach blond hair with flawless ivory skin. They don’t even need tattoos. They just need to be themselves. They need to love themselves for who they are, so if they are a natural blue eyed, big boob havin, blond girl with flawless ivory skin, then good for you, love yourself. But if you’re not, that’s wonderful too. Love your brown or yellow or pink skin. Love your brown, hazel, green etc… eyes. Love your frizzy brown, black, green, orange, red, blue hair. parents should teach their kids to love themselves for who they are. People are so different and come in so many shapes, sizes and colors, we don’t need to try and jam them all into one little box.

So let your kids play with Barbie if you want but remind them that girls come  in all shapes, sizes and colors.

The lesson I think parents should learn from this Barbie is, if they don’t like the doll, maybe they shouldn’t buy it for their kids. They should buy it for me instead 🙂 I haven’t played with Barbies for years but holy cuteness, I want this one!



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