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Magnolia Flower Elbow Tattoo

Check out this magnolia flower I tattooed on a young lady’s elbow yesterday.
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Poppy Tattoo

Take a peek at this poppy I tattooed. It’s just a small piece of a big tattoo I’m working on. Stay tuned to see the whole thing soon!


Realistic Purple Rose Tattoo For Mum

Check out this realistic rose I tattooed recently. It’s in memory of a young lady’s mother.
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Realistic Flower Tattoo: A Bird Of Paradise

This week I enjoyed tattooing this realistic bird of paradise flower tattoo for my friend, Vanessa. I really love tattooing realistic flowers! This tropical flower tattoo was no exception. I can’t wait to tattoo some more realistic flowers!

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Vanessa BOPF


Realist Passion Flower Tattoo

Realist Passion Flower Tattoo

Hey Folks,

Today’s post is a lesson in choosing your tattoos wisely!

So about a week ago I had a young lady come into the tattoo shop needing a cover-up. She had the words, “‘Til death do us part” on her back. She told me she got the tattoo when she was 18 and madly in love with her then boyfriend. She also told me that it had been haunting her for the past seven years, as she is no longer with that boy.

Luckily for her (and I), she found me! She wanted to cover the words up with some flowers, which as you may know, are my passion! I just love tattooing flowers!

So after I brief consultation, we set up an appointment for her to get the tattoo and I got to work drawing! Here’s what I created for her.

About a week later she came back to get her tattoo. She loved the drawing I made for her, so I set out to create a beautiful passion flower tattoo. After about six hours I had created something very beautiful in my eyes. Luckily she loved it as well! She told me it was everything she hoped it would be and more! Here’s what I tattooed for her.

What do you think? Do you like the passion flower tattoo I created? Would you ever cover-up a tattoo you already have?

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Black Dahlia Tattoo

Black Dahlia Tattoo

It always makes me happy when I get to tattoo flowers. Especially when they are a bit unique.

I was recently asked to tattoo a black dahlia flower on the back of a guy’s arm, just above his elbow.

Here is the line work for the tattoo!

I have to say, most of the flowers I tattoo are on girls, so when a guy asks me for a flower it always makes me happy. I think guys with flower tattoos are super cool! They are confident in who they are and appreciate the beauty in nature.

Tattooing flowers on men does present an interesting challenge for me though. The trick is to create something beautiful and full of life while still presenting an aura of masculinity.

For this particular flower I kept things mostly black, but used a wash of burgundy, and highlights of pale cream to give the flower life.

Here is the end result!

My client was very happy with his flower and I had lots of fun creating it for him, which makes me excited to create more unique flowers!

Leave me a comment and let me know what you think of this tattoo. Would you ever get a flower tattooed on you?

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Tattoos & Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Tattoos & Buffy the Vampire Slayer

I just love doing a fun tattoo. No mater how big or small! Some of the most interesting tattoos for me to create, are ones that bring back fond memories.  Earlier this week, I got to create a tattoo that did just that!

Growing up I was a huge fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, so when a woman approached me about tattooing something from the show on her, I was happy to do so!

My client said she liked the “B” from the Buffy logo, but she wanted a bit more detail in it. We decided together, that it would be neat to have the stake in the letter be more defined and a bit of blood dripping off of it.

I’m happy to say she is now enjoying her new leg tattoo!


Do you think it’s cool to get tattoos from popular t.v. show? Would you ever get a Buffy the Vampire Slayer tattoo? Leave a comment and let me know what you think!

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