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Realist Passion Flower Tattoo

Realist Passion Flower Tattoo

Hey Folks,

Today’s post is a lesson in choosing your tattoos wisely!

So about a week ago I had a young lady come into the tattoo shop needing a cover-up. She had the words, “‘Til death do us part” on her back. She told me she got the tattoo when she was 18 and madly in love with her then boyfriend. She also told me that it had been haunting her for the past seven years, as she is no longer with that boy.

Luckily for her (and I), she found me! She wanted to cover the words up with some flowers, which as you may know, are my passion! I just love tattooing flowers!

So after I brief consultation, we set up an appointment for her to get the tattoo and I got to work drawing! Here’s what I created for her.

About a week later she came back to get her tattoo. She loved the drawing I made for her, so I set out to create a beautiful passion flower tattoo. After about six hours I had created something very beautiful in my eyes. Luckily she loved it as well! She told me it was everything she hoped it would be and more! Here’s what I tattooed for her.

What do you think? Do you like the passion flower tattoo I created? Would you ever cover-up a tattoo you already have?

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